Tired of this world. Tired of life. Tired of work. Tired of people. Very dumb people. Not saying I'm smarter but good lord, people are stupid. Zero thought and reasoning. Sorry if operating self checkout is too much. Sorry if you need your phone to tell you where to go. Tired of traffic and noise. Tired of street closures or reroutes that cause traffic. How can it take one hour from SW Broadway to get over the Hawthorne Bridge at about 5 pm? Tired of fixing what someone fucks up at work. It's okay to leave your shit in toilet that won't flush. Just pretend it never happened. No need to tell staff, right? Tired of babying people who cant put things where they got them. Stop being lazy and incompetent. Tired of adults in groups with zero concern to separate trash from recycling. You're the worst. Tired of trying to save the world. Tired of trying to make right or educate what I see as wrong. Swear all you want and drive like a maniac. Text while you're at it too. Tired of trying to help people when no one can extend a hand to me, but yet they demand and expect me to give it to them. Tired. Just tired.