Teens started a fire so now there can be change? Now they can learn? Hold em accountable? Yeah right! Thousands of teens before did the same and thousands after them will do the same.
4 teens get on the bus. Only about 10 people riding. Noone sees them but me. The leader with the blunt, obviously. Flicking his lighter as if to light it. I say, wow so cool. He goes, why because I smoke weed. I was done. I remember a max killing about right and wrong. The girl in their group gets of bus. The leader goes I like her, she's got titties. Please girl, I hope you learn what that guy you look up to is about. About to get off bus as the leader sparks up his blunt not even off the bus. Noone on the bus even knew. I thought about what they'd do the rest of the day. I thought if they had a clue about the wildfire started one day ago and why the sky was so ominous. Do they know what ominous means? I should've asked him who's the president.
The only change I see is 4 new apt. buildings going up within 3 blocks in the Lents area.
So, yes, people, have more sex with each other, not because it feels good or to make love, but to bring babies into the world with which you cannot afford, overpopulate the city, then become bad parents.
Then teach them to litter all over this land.
Look around, if you don't see it, you are blind, and need to get your ass out of your head.