This group of brats had many opportunities to change their mind before stopping at Eagle Creek. Each and every one of them was an accomplice to an unnecessary destruction of precious earth and people. They were responsible enough to drive a car there. They were smart enough to find their way there and premeditated taking fireworks to the forest for fun and games. They were privileged enough to have a car, a camera, probably cell phones, and experienced enough to use all of these things effectively. These are not the habits or actions of non-thinking humans. This was an act of shallowness of character, often found in the overprivileged, spoiled brats who have never been held accountable. All of them should be charged with the highest form of arson and manslaughter. Every one of them was responsible for doing something better and refusing to plot such a thing. They should be tried like the responsible young adults who could be entrusted to be unsupervised with a vehicle and expensive gadgets. Who let that happen? It's likely their asshole parents. If they are not adults and responsible then hold their parents responsible. It's sickening to hear people say they were kids, teenagers, teens will do that..No, not all teens do that. They were lucid, coherent, rationale enough to get themselves to a remote spot in another state, side by side or not that's rationale thinking. They are, unfortunately, pitiful humans.