I came into the bar this weekend. I sat and you were friendly, asking me what I was up to and what not. I ordered a simple tall boy and said I was waiting on my lady (those words). She walked in, I gave her a quick kiss, she sat and you took her order. You were nice at first, but after a few rounds you became completely detached. It wasn't busy at all, and you quit serving us. I had to walk to the other side of the bar to get your attention and your response was "what do you want?" Maybe a drink I said sarcastically - totally surprised you would say that to a customer who hasn't even been difficult. I walked back and you followed close behind, slamming the draft on the table so hard you spilled half of it. I asked you if there was a problem and you said "yeah, I'm tired of you lame ass dudes cheating." Like a fish plucked out of water I was so confused. Of course, the girl I was with got all weird with me, thinking maybe this bartender had seen me in the bar with another lady. Once home and a short argument later we figured it out. You seen my ring. My WIFE walked in and she didn't have hers, because she works in a lab and cannot wear rings under her gloves and typically leaves them at home. You thought I was a married guy cheating on my wife and that's why you gave us poor service. Touche, but you were fucking wrong. Next time have class and tactfully ask if you're that interested in peoples relationships.