Last Friday as I was biking on the 205 trail, I came upon a young woman who just had a nasty bike wreck and was crying for help. Her arm was obviously broken in a few places and her eye was severely busted. I'm not the calmest person nor do I know what exactly to do when someone is injured. I helped explain to her dad where she was on the phone, get her some napkins for her eye and sat with her until she was picked up. I only caught her first name but I'll never know what happened to her.

You had so much on your mind and it all came flooding to the surface, especially missing out on training you had scheduled and paid for the following day. At the time, I couldn't think of anything calming to say but are there words for a situation like this anyways? Misfortune has a sick way of finding those that need a leg up. We live in a system that makes it harder for those who are looking to better themselves, especially when they hit a setback. It's maddening and heartbreaking.

If by chance you are reading this, please do not give up. You will heal and get back on track. Give yourself some time, slack, and self-care. You have a lot to offer this community and to all those around you. I'm so sorry this happened to you, and I hope you're doing okay.