Why? How is this even possible? There has to be some kind of explanation concerning the vast number of people driving ridiculously slow from one end of town to the other. I'm talking about traffic when it's at it's best, still not good, but it doesn't have to suck at 7 or 8pm. People everywhere only want to do 20mph when it's a 35mph limit and you can't pass. What the fuck already!!! I can't even navigate my car to go that slow without killing the crap out of my brakes and gas. Are you on drugs? I've driven on fist fulls of drugs with 10 times more poise and accuracy. Are drivers getting shot in the neck with poison blow darts? Jesus Christ what the fuck people?!?!? Do you think you are some kind of do gooder by being extra extra super safe? Fuck you you're a selfish filthy turd!!! You're causing confusion, ciaos, and havoc in this already overly stressed boondoggle town. Going from 0-20 in a minute is not going to solve a god damn thing ok? Then you have the city and police doing everything they can to slow traffic and steal our money at the same time. Maybe that big earthquake will do us all a favor when it levels this place, because at least then we can start the fuck over with streets and highways that actually function.