Slow Slow Drivers Everywhere!!!


Most of them fit into one of two categories: 1) They're mildly terrified of the concept of driving and think driving well below the limit and often unpredictably so makes them safer, 2) They're fucking around on their phone.
I feel you Anon. I was especially chagrined that the city recently changed the dotted yellow lines on Prescott to solid yellow lines.
Dudes, you all must be new here. This is how native Portland drivers have driven for decades. This is what they pine for when they talk about how Portland "used" to be - everyone driving at a goddamn crawl, and waiting 2 minutes at a 4-way stop for a politeness showdown of "No, you go..." "No, I really insist you go..." and then they get this stinky fucking look on your face when you just go rather than waiting because that is actually more efficient for everyone, even if it wasn't legally/technically your turn.

Don't even get me started about how Portland and Oregon drivers are some of the most prone in the country to camp out in the left lane of a freeway and think they are justified because they are matching or barely exceeding the speed limit.
Try driving in Manhattan.
ahh yes the perpetual complaint about Portland traffic. my cue to drive even slower. love love love to see all the road ragers lose their shit! i hear the traffic moves at a good clip in Omaha--y'all should check it out . . .
Bentley, your smug, prolapsed anus of a face can't be gentrified out of Portland soon enough. You should check out being a decent person.
@FlavioSauve my money's tight son I'm not going anywhere. take the vision zero pledge--nice and slow out there…
phones, phones and more phones
Whoa Forest, pump the brakes! Your implicit call to violence is overkill to say the least. Plus using an IA handle to challenge someone to reveal their personal information in public just makes you sound really weak bro. You usually make more intelligent comments on here, so I'm saying as a friend: take a chill pill.
Ugh, so YOU are the slob who weaves in and out of traffic speeding past people doing their best to cross the street. What's your hurry? Get out of the house earlier and take a chill pill.
Honestly, Forrest -- your comment WAS a call to violence. Read it again. As to the 20 in a 35 zone -- it is usually phone-related as is failing to make the brief left turn signal while you finish your text like the selfish bastard you are. The most common practice in PDX is 35 in a 25 zone, which makes your car a lethal weapon against pedestrians. Since you probably never walk ANYWHERE, you have no appreciation for the danger inherent in your rage-fueled assault on humanity. You should allow more time to get where you're going -- that will go a long way to temper the false urgency you have created in your tiny little mind. Do be a real person; don't be a crazed, monkey-minded fool.
I'm with Forrest. Slow drivers are maddening. The comment wasn't a call to violence. It's hyperbole. Chill the fuck out.
Recent transplant from the Midwest here. The difference between drivers here and in Chicago is the nature of the aggression. In Chicago, drivers tend to be openly hostile and aggressive. Road rage incidents not infrequently escalate to gunfire. Here,the culture seems to favor a passive aggressive pattern. On the whole,Portland may be frustrating but it's a lot safer.
This post has haunted me and I did notice there are quite a few slow drivers out there. However, because I give myself ample time for my destination, I don't allow it to annoy me. What is bothersome are people who tail gate weave in and out of traffic and cut in almost clipping fenders. Slow driving isn't dangerous. You are one of those unfortunate folks who is delusional enough to think the world spins around you, unless you get it right, you will be constantly frustrated, angry and dangerous.
You could say the same thing about slow drivers Veva2000. They think the world revolves around them, especially the ones that slow down to a near stop for no known reason other than their own. I thinks it's quite selfish of people to drive super slow because it contradicts the purpose of driving. Inhibiting drivers are consequentially challenged by people having to act aggressively in order to maintain their purpose.
Dear Ten, sometimes I look at someone who is driving slowly and quite often it's an elderly person. I usually drive the speed limit, but when I slow up, I am simply trying to find my destination even with the help of a GPS. Those bearing down on me and honking haven't done anything, but prove how rude they are. Ergo, slow driving isn't always a egocentric act.