Anonymous Sep 24, 2017 at 3:00 pm


So let me see if I follow this: You and your lover, whom you call "Boss", had a bit of a tough go on Friday...not enough lube...didn't honor a safe word...whatever. You're leaving town in December, but you're reminding them that if they fuck up like that again in any of your remaining weekly sessions, you are saying goodbye pronto, and good luck to them getting any more hot S&M like only you can give. Am I close? I'm just wondering how you know they'll read this and understand it's for them.
Perfect timing - you're hired! See you here tomorrow morning for work and welcome to the team!
So, eprophet, let's see if we follow YOU: From IA's scant few words, you drew up a shockingly detailed scenario of coercion and rape between a boss and an employee. You then go on to demean this person and question how they knew this "boss" character would read this and know it was for them. Are we close?

"a bit of a tough go on Friday" and "didn't honor a safeword... whatever" are the words of a rapist. Thanks for outing yourself.

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