No one impresses me anymore. There's no one I admire or am enamored by. Well, except a few crushes, my mom, dad, sister, and famous artist, teacher, musician, politician, athlete, surfer, soldier, and actor heroes. Otherwise it's all mediocrity. It's all below average human existence. Just regular people doing less than regular things. Then less than regular people doing, you know what that means..? Just trying to get by with zero passion or conviction for anything they do. Just looking for marriage and babies and the "American Dream." The amount of money, your fancy dress, expensive cars do not impress me. Your money just goes to show me how little you worked to achieve your great success. Then there's people that claim to be so weird, unique, special and talented that it's all phony. Internet and TV stars don't impress me. It's all watered down and oversaturated with wannabe, seeking something special stardom whores.
I sure miss how life used to be without reality TV, phones, internets, and computers. But life is better with it, right?
Can I get a witness?
I want to be around people that will make me want to live smarter, be and do better, love stronger, and work harder. I'm just not finding that. I'm constantly surrounded by less than ordinary.