I fell behind a bit in school and had to drop some classes. Trying to manage my time between work and avoiding my parents.
I needed to figure out how to move forward. Go to the next school. Find a safe place to live.
The pizza job was good, but I knew they would find out about my past. When they did, I got all messed up. I was starting to have a little money, but my home life and work life were feeling kinda dangerous. Not physically. That would be a gift. Just socially and emotionally.
I'm not in school. I have no money. I can't bring myself to talk to the few friends I might still have. They can't help and I don't want them to see this version of me.
I put a lot of work into making my life better. Being a better person.

I failed. It is 100% my fault. They were actions and my words.