You sound like a young person, and making mistakes is part of growing up. From your post you sound sad but also like someone who is smart and has good insights. Are you perhaps being too hard on yourself? Hang in there. Do talk to someone you trust, and make a plan to get another job and move into your own place. I bet you can do it.
Hey, it may not have been your exact situation but I've been there. The thing about life is that it is really long if you let it be. Messing up in class may feel like the immediate end of the world (it definitely did for me) but it isn't impossible to get past. You can go back and finish your classes at any point in your life. Look for something worthwhile to fill the space until you go back to class. Start networking, find a friend and get a job through them, or see what kind of programs your community has going on. Life doesn't start or end at class and I hate that we're being made to feel that way. Don't ever think that you're just trapped.