It's about now the recently diagnosed poster celeb appears in the news. Calendars tout Breast Cancer Awareness Month events and there are digital care packages and virtual hugs for all.

I resent these reminders, in my face in everything I reach to read or watch. My stomach turns at the commercialism. I feel subtle manipulation as Breast Cancer Awareness creeps into my media feeds. And I hate it.

Did all that 9 years ago; fought the battle, lost my beloved body parts, and won back my life. I don't want to dwell what's behind me, I choose to thrive in the life ahead of me.

I don't begrudge those facing this battle all the love and support they need and deserve in any form it comes.

But, I never found mine in recently diagnosed celebs, awareness event calendars, or digital care packages. It just makes me feel sad for all involved. Sadness and empty virtual hugs did nothing to heal my mind, body or soul.

I found my love and support in family, friends and living my life. Getting on with it after my treatments ended; getting back on the horse. And giving back, to my community and myself.

Life after cancer was a journey of discovery: what could I do with my rebuilt body? Release the "can't dos" and discover the possible. It was hard digging deep, pushing boundaries, fighting my fears, and wrestling doubt demons. I cried tsunamis over my spilt milk glands but ultimately reached for living life and discovered so much was possible.

This is what I'd rather October (and the media) remind me of - living life and thriving life in every possible way!