October, I've come to hate this month


Glad you are still with us.
The amount of money marketing and fund-raising companies rake off the top really makes it hard to feel good about the big commercial stuff.
I don't know what to tell you. Ignore it? I know both survivors and victims of breast cancer and all of the pink washing BS and money grabbing (Komen, anyone?) I find easy to ignore and I do not participate. I have a progressive, degenerative neuromuscular disease - similar to ALS - though not fatal (some doctors' refer to it as benign ALS - as it has taken my ability to work, live independently, walk, live without taking medication, and continues to take every day and will so until the day it finally takes so much that I die, I have similar feelings about the MDA. The MDA uses disabled people to raise money for them. How much money has the MDA raised and spent since Lou Gehrig died of ALS AND NOT ONE ADVANCEMENT IN TREATMENT OR CURE HAS MADE. NOT ONE.

Everyone has something, right? Every time of the year is hard for someone. October sucks for many people I know. My friend's mom died of a brain tumor causes by metastasized breast cancer. Another friend's brother committed suicide (their birthday is also in October). Another friend was raped in October. Yet another friend suffers with bipolar disorder and October always comes with a trigger that ends up with a hospitalization at this time of the year. I had to leave my life and move home to live with my mother (my primary caregiver) in October 10 years ago. My sister gave up her child for adoption on the day she was born in October 23 years ago.

Maybe if you recognize that any "designated month" and all of its hypocrisy and BS has nothing to do with you and your personal experience that will make you feel better.