In the dream, it seems like Early to Mid October. I am standing on top of a building somewhere in downtown Portland. It's late in the afternoon and I am looking off to the North, slightly North-East. There is a bright flash in the distance. It does not blind me, and I spend the next few minutes watching as a mushroom cloud rises near a mountain, I assume to be Mt. Rainier.

I forget the dream as just fear manifesting. Then Trump wins the election against all expectation and reason.

The nightmare returned after that.

What I thought then, and what I think now, is that large city in the Pacific Northwest, probably Seattle, will be hit with a small yield nuclear device this October.

There are other details that have come to mind that I cannot explain through the dream. October 13th is sticking in my brain. 124,000 dead is another number. The attack will be by boat, not a missile. It will be blamed on North Korea.

I should note that I am not talking about World War Three. I don't think that will ever happen. The event in the PNW will be followed by the destruction of Pyongyang by the US. That is where the conventional scary stuff will stop. It is what happens after that is most worrying.

This will be Trump's Reichstag fire. They will try to suspend the Rule of Law. Martial Law may be declared.

I know this sounds somewhat defeatist and overly dramatic. Those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest are on the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Prepare for THAT. That, we know, is very overdue. We have seen the Indian Ocean Earthquake and tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the Pakistan Earthquake, the Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami, and others of recent times.