On Sunday all the street parking in front of my apartment was full, so I did what everyone does - I parked down the block. There was an open space 50 feet from my apartment, which happened to be in front of your house. I took it. My car was there for 2 days. You left a bitchy note claiming that I had "abandoned" my vehicle in the (public!!!) parking spot in front of your house, and that if I left it there longer you would have it towed.

News flash - I have the right to park on my own street, 50 feet from my apartment, in a public parking space. The city won't tow an obviously-not-abandoned car from a public parking space just because you want them to. It doesn't matter that it happens to be in front of your house. It's not your private parking space.

The only reason I parked there is because SOMEONE ELSE was parked in the spot that I usually use. That's how street parking works - you literally can't park anywhere without being in front of someone else's house, or taking what's probably their favorite spot. Sometimes you might have to walk a few blocks. I do it all the time and you don't see me putting bitchy notes on cars or threatening to screw people over by having their shit towed away.

Plus, you have a fucking driveway, why do you even care?