Hey dude. Glad you found the boyfriend that you think will be your eternal mate. You know, the guy all your friends dislike because he’s a self absorbed asshole? You know, the headcase who was saying he loved you within days of meeting you? Before the two of you got together, he’d cheated on his ex, and already had “deep and serious” feelings for a guy he’d known for 2 weeks that didn’t want to be his boyfriend (some people want more than just head in a relationship) of which he whined about for a week before you came into the picture. His best friend hates you because you exist and because they’re a miserable person, yet you are expected to “deal with it” because whatever that tool (that you suck) says goes, but he can’t and refuses to grant you the same respect when it comes to socializing. You’re in an abusive relationship, and you’re too blind to see it because your self esteem says you don’t deserve better than some piece of shit who’s main focus is himself. Very sad. We all believe you deserve better. He’ll get bored and cheat eventually, just you wait. To him, you are easily replaceable.