I'm pretty much in the same boat, my friend. I wish I could help you.
I think you need to make the mental health appointment and follow through this time. Bless you.
Please don't let your current situation break your Spirit.
It sucks that The City didn't require all of these new apartment buildings to
provide affordable units, for the privilege of making big piles of money in our City.
I'm sorry that you are in a tough situation but you can overcome it. I can help you find work ktjferris@gmail.com
You are not alone. We are all being groomed for slow genocide. Chemicals in our water, earth and air are all geared to make us more susceptible to malnutrition, depression and suicide. Clean up your diet, and beware of psychologists and their antidepressants. Nine out of 10 Mass shooters in The Last 5 Years were on antidepressants, ironically who's advertised side effects are thoughts of suicide and death. Eat as much organic food as you can and reach out. You Are Not Alone.
Dear Blowyourselfandswallow, the answer is simple. Even a mindless dipshit can find a way to recognize that healthier consumption leads to more energy, less depression and and clearer focus. If IA has access to psychologists then they have access to healthy food, as long as they change their focus/energy in that direction and learn which help to seek. I was homeless for 10 months and still found a way to access healthy food because I knew that that was vital to my mental health, and therefore every other aspect of my health. If you prioritize your health you will find a way to keep yourself strong and deal with the other aspects of life.

And BTW, some discount organic lettuce might help you come up with a better insult than "mindless dipshit". Stop shopping at Whole Foods and start looking for organic farms that could use a hand, you vacuous offspring of Beavis and Butthead.