For 8 years, Republicans claimed that racism was over. All the horrible things that were said about President Obama and First Lady Michelle weren't racist, it was just free speech. The Supreme Court essentially declared that racism was over in America by gutting the Voting Rights Act. If you were to bring up racism, the typical Republican response was "But we elected a black president, we can't be racist."

Enter Trump.

Like cockroaches refusing to scatter when the lights are turned on, racists came out of the woodwork. They embraced their racism and were empowered by Trump. Now, they are actually proud to be racists, proud to be white... fighting for their "heritage" and whatnot. They actually openly support Nazis and decry those opposed to fascism.

I just like to point out that during the 8 years when the Republican party declared racism was over, we all knew you were full of shit. You didn't fool anyone but your simpleminded supporters. We on the left never believed you.

Now it's out in the open, and now we see you for the sewer-dwelling cockroaches that you always were.