Hey Tri-Met, I'm no longer giving your drivers the benefit of the doubt. Too many times have your drivers almost ran into me while aggressively merging into traffic. I'm not talking about regular merging, I'm talking about not looking and just pulling the bus into traffic and cutting people off, sometimes almost hitting them.

See, if I were to temporarily park on a street where the speed limit is 40 (like North Lombard), I would check my mirrors before just pulling into traffic. Not you! You just yank that steering wheel and force people to swerve out of the way in order to not get hit. Most of your drivers are assholes... grumpy, disgruntled assholes.

I used to always give your drivers the right of way, but after too much aggressive, angry driving, I no longer.

And before anyone uses the excuse to pull a multi-ton bus into traffic without looking on "they drive all day and deal with customers"... well, so do I. No, I'm not a bus driver, but I drive around all day for work and deal with assholes customers on a regular basis... and I would NEVER think to put people in danger by taking out my frustration by driving recklessly. If you can't handle the stress, choose a new profession!