I was raised humble, to have humility. Be thankful for money or gifts. Even try to reject it. It's there but a lot is gone. A main reason is because I moved to the mainland. Holding the door for the person behind me, I don't do anymore. Letting someone go first in a line that has less stuff than me. Stuff like that.
It's just egos, narcissism, entitlement, greed, arrogance. Everyone wants the most they can get for doing the least amount possible. To offer all I have to be taken by the ones with the least amount to give. Even people with money.
Gave a food delivery driver a $2 tip. Restaurant takes a $4 delivery fee. After he counted the money, his comment was a snarky, "Oh, 2 dollar tip, okay." Your restaurant takes $4. Take it up with them. If you aren't getting mileage reimbursed then you're an idiot. You took food from a restaurant, drove to my house, walked to the door to deliver food. Was it excruciating work? Was it heavy food? Were the roads endangering your life?
I work for tips, at times. It's the most fulfilling reward when I get it. For me, I know I earned it, even quarters. All the times I ever had food delivery, not one person counted the money, let alone complained about the tip. For cabs I give a meager $2 sometimes. I say, sorry, that's all I can afford. The drivers are still thankful I gave a tip.
You are a disgrace to the American way and workforce, reassuring me that you are like 90% of Americans. Lastly, you'd never seen an "American" picking fruits and vegetables from a farm. Never