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Yeah, you might want to recheck that humility of yours. I see where you're coming from, but welcome to Portland - no fuck that, welcome to the "mainland" - where people work hard for lazy people who don't appreciate them. Portland proper is driven on service work and tips are how people survive. Should the person be grateful still, sure, but to be fair your description of the conversation doesn't exactly paint them to be a berating disenfranchised ass rather a disappointed driver not hitting the numbers they need to.

That delivery fee doesn't go to the driver, and many places do not reimburse mileage, and all gas and care for the vehicle is covered out of their own pocket. It's interesting the only thing you mention is "was it heavy food?", but you fail to describe the food, how much you paid for it, and how far they had to drive. Yes it matters. Case in point: if you bought a 28 dollar pizza from an establishment that guarantees it free if not delivered quickly and the driver has to go 5 miles or more in the delivery rush times - yeah 2 bucks ain't shit. The driver ends up stuck in traffic, burning gas, rushing to make it to your door otherwise that cash is coming off the nights take, just to find some asshole who wants to lecture about humility and the value of 2 dollars. Glad you've made peace with making quarters, but here's a tip from a native "mainlander," if you want to keep your lazy ass at home and call upon a luxury service (lets be honest, it's a luxury and should be viewed as a luxury to have someone bring you your food, hot for that matter) then you're going to need to come to terms with tipping standard just like you would a server at a restaurant - which btw, 15% is outdated, 20% is should be standard unless they fuck up.

Humility my ass
That was an awful lot of self-righteous text just to say, "I leave shitty tips."
Any idiot knows that any fee taken by the restaurant is going to the business and not the employee. If you are too cheap to tip well when someone has to bring food TO YOUR HOUSE BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO GO OUT AND GET IT, YOU TIP WELL. PERIOD.

Why is the griping always with the employees and not the corporation? My mom is retired now. She worked at the same place for over 25 years. She was a top performer, who when they gave merit based raises and she had a boss that gave her significant bonuses for her extra work and overtime, she gave the company 150 to 200%. Then they changed everything. No matter what, everyone got a 2% raise. So when her manager asked her how she could get MORE out of her, she responded with, you can't. I give 100% while I am here and when I look around there are people that give way less than that every single day, some who actually do NOTHING and have done NOTHING for years! So if I give more than 100% to you and they give 0% and we all get the same 2% raise, that just makes me stupid.

Are there crappy service employees? Sure. Do they deserve tips for bad service? Nope. This is not an example of bad service. If you gave $6 on top of what your food cost ($2 to the customer service person and $4 to the company), that means you spent at least $60 on food. If you can't give the driver who BROUGHT FOOD TO YOUR HOUSE BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO LAZY TO GO OUT AND GET IT a decent tip of 20% or more, then you need to stop.

You are an a$$hole. A privileged, whiny a$$hole. I've been financially strapped and if I ordered food that required someone to BRING IT TO MY HOME BECAUSE I WAS TOO LAZY TO GO OUT AND GET IT, I tipped well. It's basic human decency.
I'm as poor as you can possibly imagine a full time worker could be, and I always tip at least 15%. Why? Because what goes around comes around. I've worked service jobs; they suck. It's very hard to make a decent living in the service industry if you don't make good tips. Delivery drivers aren't making a killing on tips, so stop being a dickhead.
Hmmm mainland, huh? Interesting . . .I would assume you are from Hawaii where in some places tipping is rare. I do understand your rant against the attitude of the delivery person. However, I do agree, restaurant delivery people are probably paying for their own gas, driving their own cars and dealing with lots of traffic. It would probably behoove you to go ahead and tip at least 15% of your total bill. Where I lived in Hawaii there was no delivery, so enjoy that lovely service and tip well.
No wonder you stopped holding the door for people because, y'know, corporate greed sucks. Now you take cabs and get food delivered but then apologize for under tipping because "that's all you can afford". Its called take the bus and make your own food, you LAZY, ENTITLED CANKER SORE. No wonder you didn't make it in Hawaii. Hawaiians appreciate the efforts of others.

You need to get a bike and learn how to make pizza (its not that hard).
Wow, FYI must be really REALLY high. Justifying a $2 tip because they make $2 bills? I'm gonna bet you never justified a $20 tip that way. Also, pretty sure you haven't met "most strippers", but I've worked in the industry and I have met a hell of a lot more than you have. And I can 100% GUARANTEE they ALL know what real money looks like.
I know what you mean, Anonymous. It's a graceless and arbitrary world, and it really does feel in Portland anymore like it's full of self absorbed louts. I wonder if any of those indignant over tips (for example) ever pay a red cent for music.

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