I am part of a dying breed that still keeps track of debits and credits in my checkbook as I am using my debit card. It seems keeping track of what is spent and deposited is a thing of the past. Evidently people use online banking for such purposes and are not used to notating what's coming in or going out of their checking accounts. However, to me, that seems to be a practice full of pitfalls, because it's easy to overdraw an account if one doesn't know the total. Therefore, unless I quickly wave my debit card highly above my head and make a pronouncement that I am using it people automatically assume I am going to write a check. Today I forgot to quickly spout, "I am not writing a check", before this sweet young thing blinked her baby blues at me and said, "We don't take checks". It brought out the grumpies in me and I said, "But sweetheart, do you take a Mastercard? Look, this is a Mastercard, it takes the place of a check, and deary, I like to keep track of what I'm spending." Please don't assume because someone hauls out a check register they are going to write a check. Count to three and see if they start to fill out said check before saying anything. I don't assume all debits from my bank account are legit and I like to stay current. I know this is sounding petty, but this is why this blog is here. People are allowed to anonymously bitch about things and in the scheme of things it's small, but hell I'm saying it anyway.