I'm not writing a check!


You're right, it sounds petty. Suggestion; keep your receipt and balance your checkbook at home.
Online banking balances for you.
You should put this in your tinder profile
Not just petty and cheap but stupid and rude. You seriously think its okay to hold up the line while you fill out your sorry ass check register? THAT'S WHAT THE FUCKING RECEIPT IS FOR. You don't have to wave your debit card around like a freaking idiot you simply swipe it or hand it to the cashier like a normal human being born after the year 1950. If you're really that anal retentive and psychotically obsessed with proving to your dead grandparents that you are fiscally responsible, do it on your own time.

PS you do get extra creepy Trump points for perving on the cashier while you deftly explain to her what a MasterCard is. I'm sure your condescending enlightenment really helped her not laugh in your face/throw up in her mouth.
She would be justified to slap the shit out of you for calling her "deary."