Going to any of the local Goodwill Bins is getting more fucking annoying by they week. The people walk around like zombies, lost in their own little world and oblivious to those who surround them.

They leave their carts just right in the middle of the aisle and I've gotten so tired of asking them to move it, I've taken to pushing them out of the way. Sadly, they never realize how rude they're being and just put the cart right back where it was.

Rowdy kids run amok while the employees rarely make the announcement to keep your brats under control. Mind you, I don't blame the kids, I blame their asshole parents.

The smell: Oh vey, the smell of some of these people is atrocious! This one couple was elbow deep into a table rummaging together in silent desperation. Once they waddled on, I went to the same table and could smell their armpits... their putrid scent had rubbed onto the edge of the table as a special present to future scavengers.

These people have become more and more aggressive as time goes on. They push, they yell, they glare and they hog their little piece of the table like it's their property. I'm also tired of looking at old men's dirty butt-crack after dirty butt-crack... and the glimpses of stretched out thongs peeking over stained, dirty mom jeans.

Every time I walk into this sea of the unwashed, I always think that this is the last time. Someone needs to start a "People of the Bins" site filled with photos of these filthy, inbred, uncivilized customers. Jesus Christ!