Sins of the Bins


Have you heard of Netflix? Its much more entertaining than trolling the bins. Since this is obviously written by Ivanka Trump who is looking for new design ideas to push through Indonesia and is disgusted by any form of humanity, I just want to say we have some very friendly women's shelters here for you and your mom.
How can you be so naive to not be aware that the bins is where many homeless and nearly homeless people go for things when they have a little bit of money that they earned from panhandling somewhere? It's not Saks Fifth Avenue. You're buying discarded items that haven't been cleaned yet by Goodwill in bulk by weight, and yet here you are expecting the clientele to be all posh and dignified. You're an idiot, and also a callous asshole. I hope you end up having to clothe yourself and your children with clothes from the Goodwill Bins because the clothes at the regular Goodwill stores are too expensive for you. Now fuck off.
This is like bitching about the smell of weed at hemp fest. Come on, man. Trollin?