You thought you were being funny, witty, smart, clever, a big fucking dude, whatever, when you thought it was appropriate to sexually harass me in the work place. Here is the thing, though. I kept notes. Whenever you made some comment about my hair, my lipstick, my boyfriend, my tits, I kept notes. And with those notes, I will be having a meeting with my bosses, who will then have a meeting with your bosses. Pretty sure you are gonna get fired. And you deserve it. Not only did you say wholly inappropriate things in the work place, you are generally just an asshole and a lazy motherfucker (who the fuck sleeps on the job??)

The saddest part is you have 3 daughters. I doubt you would respect any man who treated your daughters the way you treated me. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Nonetheless, I will have the last laugh when you are packing up your office with your tail between your legs. Fuck ya later you piece of shit douche bag wannabe professional but really just trash sexual harasser!