Yes, parking can really suck in this city. And development just seems to make it worse. But so do idiots like you who take up an entire city block with your unnecessarily large SUV/Pickup/Van. There is clearly space to fit more than your one behemoth on the block, but you, for some reason, feel the need to take it all. I get it, that vehicle is your baby and you don't want to squeeze it next to another car/bush/telephone pole that might ding/scratch/leave a leaf on it. Of course it might not even be that thoughtful. You might just be a bad parker. Or you might just not ever consider anyone else, much less the strangers that actually live in the neighborhood where you go to eat lunch/do yoga/drink coffee. Do me a favor, the next time you have to lug eight 4x4 posts/4 bags of groceries/soccer equipment to your house, park a block away and give it a go. Then do it several more times over the next week and see what you think. That new feeling you're experiencing? It's called empathy.