First off, they tore down the cute 1930's bungalow, that really only needed a little love.
Next they quickly built a displaced behemoth monster house, complete with underground garage. This "house" sticks out like a sore thumb and you Californian kooks thought it would be a great place to live. Bet you didn't plan on the shrine/candles/flowers that arrived on the sidewalk out front where homie was shot years back.
You keep cleaning it up but the melted wax stays. I bet you also didn't plan on many people nearby cancelling their garbage service and using your equally large garbage/recycling vessels on garbage night did you(thanks).
Every other week somebody's dropping of a mattress or some other shit into your nice landscaped yard(not me).
But hey, you've arrived and you're close to salt and straw now! Maybe get some more security cameras and (keep putting those blurry images on next-door, notice no one responds to your pleas?).

Go home rich neighbor hood wreckers! Or at the least, move to Irvington or some shit.