I can't make it in this world financially alone.
Even when I was working 40 to 60 hours a week, it wasn't enough, on top of some money from other side gigs.
Now that 2nd job is gone, it's even more apparent.
I don't know how anyone else can.
Especially families.
Then they have 4 cars and every insurance/gas/etc. that goes along with it.
They have at least one kid, if not a few, and everything else that goes along with it to afford the well being of a kid all the way through their teens, if not longer.
They buy all the newest technologies, phones/pads/flat screens/computers/etc., and all the bills associated with them.
How about food?
How about electricity/water/bills/insurance?
While I take home the leftover toilet paper rolls from work. You see where I'm going with how I'm living?
I don't get it.