I was sincere and truly concerned when I saw the wrist brace on you.
I said, "Beverly, what happened," in a nurturing tone.
You just said how you hurt your wrist.
Now this part is fuzzy, but the end result doesn't matter. I don't remember If it was before, that exact day, or after I saw that brace, you said how you were trying to get disability. I know you had the brace all the time leading up to when you said you were meeting with the case worker to decide if you could get disability.
Then sometime later, the brace was magically gone.
I never asked what happened. I don't care. I was able to piece it together though. You gotta do what you gotta do, I suppose.
The system isn't in place to help people in need. It's in place for people to take advantage of it.
Another thing, If my annual income is a few hundred bucks over the poverty level, how does that make me any better off? What's more, how can anyone with an income at or below the poverty level be able to receive a better tax break?
All seems arbitrary.
The same with one person says this while the very next person will deny it.
How is that a good rule of thumb?