And White Guys Are Being Discriminated Against?


Indeed. I am so sick of racist AmeriKKKa.
Every one of them was called a terrorist and in all cases involving a gun, gun control was talked about. Not sure what your point is.
Also, lets just suppose I agreed with you OP. Still, what is your point? Are genuinely upset about domestic acts of terror not being called such, or is your motive based on the gun control topic, or are you upset that we're willing to call a brown person who alleged allegiance to a terrorist organization a terrorist? In the later, fucking duh. On the issue of domestic terrorism, does the label of "terrorist" vs "mass killer' vs "serial killer" vs "hate crime" actually make a difference? All of the examples you sited have people who are either dead or will die in prison - which the "terrorist" label would make no difference. One step further, using the Dylan Roof case as an example, the statutes on terrorism are tight and heavily dependent on case law and what acts were conducted (for example, arson, destruction of government property, bombing, hijacking are all immediate elements leading to a terrorism charge) but more often than not a kidnapping, torture, or mass shooting, is more akin to a hate crime charge. But I ask you again, (still referencing Dylan Roof) he was called a terrorist by the media and he went down for murder and hate crime - among several other charges - and got the death sentence...what gain are you seeking in him being charged as a terrorist? If anything, it was the government acknowledging the bullshit bureaucracy in the system and trying to get him charged as quickly as possible without having to spend time proving he's a terrorist. I just don't see the issue. And in the recent case, this individual is alive, and pledged allegiance to ISIS, and ISIS claimed responsibility, and they've found terror-group literature in his possession - all indicators for an instant terrorist label and charge. More ironically, since you think you know irony, he's probably going to be the one on the entire list who is not put to death. Put that in your glass pipe and smoke it hippy

You can always tell the racist commenters because they fight tooth and nail to argue that racism doesn't exist. So pathetic. The "war on terror" is a war on brown people, as evidenced by the fact that far more murders in this country are committed by white supremacists, domestic abusers and trigger happy cops than immigrants of any kind. Statistically you are twice as more likely to die of a peanut allergy as you are from a terrorist attack in this country. And 100 times more likely to die from Pharmaceuticals. But the government doesn't give a shit about that and neither do these racist commenters.
White people are so insecure and scared that calling one a terrorist means that, they would be closely associated with or assumed to be of a race that is not white or christian fascist religion. So word of advice, is bigot get over yourself no body cares about semantics we all see a terrorist no matter what race or religion you are.