Today I was called a faggot at work. Not the first time I've been randomly ridiculed with some sort of remark that insinuates I'm gay, or Bi, or a "pussy" or whatever, but it's the first time I've heard "faggot" since I started a few years ago. Funny thing is, I'm straight, but apparently my clothes and my beanie make me look gay. I don't care to correct them, because there's obviously no point it that, but I'm really hating working here even more now, and I'm tired of all these camo and hunter orange wearing hillbilly dipshits talking down to me, especially with their locker room jabs to try and degrade me. And for some reason this is completely acceptable here. It's all said out in the open so their douchebag bros can laugh and feel big about themselves. I'm the outsider. If I say anything or retaliate by making them feel like the stupid pieces of shit they are, I'll just be out of a job because a couple of these people are the bosses sons. Everyone here knows everyone outside of work, except me. And there is no HR, there's an old lady they call their Receptionist/HR person. It's ridiculous. What can I do?