I pull up in front of the store. It’s a tight squeeze but I pull it off. I’m still in the line. But it’s tight no doubt about it. I can see the line in the store was long so I just chilled for a min till it went down. You came out and started slamming my mirror against the side of my car. At first I didn’t know what that sound was because I was in my phone. Once I saw you, it was reflex. I got out and asked do you have a problem? You said your parked to close and tried to disappear in your van. I told you a few things without out yelling or cursing. And you got in the passenger side of your van and drove off. What would’ve happened if I did that to you. You would call the cops and I no doubtedly would be charged with some crazy charge and probably arrested. Especially if there was a witness. “Large black man” slamming peaceful citizens car window because he was parked to close. Oh yea I’m going to jail. You might say you should’ve called the cops on him. You know as well as I (or you should know ) it would’ve gone completely different if a black male calls the white cop on a white citizen. That’s bull crap man I never play the race card. But I’m not blind to what’s going on out there