Role Reversal


I am so sick of a$$holes and I am SO SICK OF RACIST AMERIKKKA. As a caucasian American I am SO COMPLETELY OVER THE ENTITLEMENT AND VIOLENCE AND DELUSION AND DERANGEMENT OF WHITE PEOPLE AND THEIR RACIST BELIEFS AND BEHAVIOR. Black people behave like human beings and are murdered for it. White people behave like animals and are let off the hook again and again and again. At this point I wish there were a plague that would wipe out white people entirely. I would take a hit for humanity. This white supremacist insanity (and let's be clear it is insanity and people who believe white skin on their a$$ makes them somehow superior are dangerous animals that need to be put down) NEEDS TO END. FOREVER. ENOUGH. #fightwhitesupremacyeverysecondofeverysingleday
Ya that's fucked up. I hate it when people freak out when they realize they're not the only fucking human on the planet. Props to you for keeping your cool while still saying something, which this person probably needed to hear. It doesn't mean that they themselves were necessarily racist but you are absolutely right that if you had done the same thing they probably would have called the cops and you could have been shot. And it's also true that white people who are guilty of white entitlement are more likely to freak out when they have to share space. You want a mile of personal space move to the fucking country! I hope you gave him a good jolt.