Please Relocate


My favorite part is where you seem to think being vegan is white people nonsense. That must be why nearly a third of India is vegan and close to 40% are at least vegetarian compared to 3% of the US. All while blasting others for cultural ignorance.

Alberta has been gentrifying at a rapid pace since the early 90s, at least. Don't act like you are a vigilant defender. You're a participant.
Hahahahaha, Muffins. "id rather have 20 rich motherfuckers move here than one more virtue signaling holier than thou fucktard pretending that they are salt of the earth with their tissue soft hands."
Tissue soft hands made me laugh. I tip my hat to you.
Yeah, growing up in SE we never locked the car door. It was easier then replacing the window when they wanted to steal your change and coffee cup. Plus then any hobos wouldn't have to sleep on broken glass when they were sleeping and pissing themselves in your car. Cheers!
I thought the gentrification bandwagon reach full capacity about 13 months, or 240 articles, ago.
from someone who "relocated" from that neighborhood, thanks for the reminder!