Heres the thing:
I miss Kargi Gogo.
I wish just once there was sunshine at the beach.
And I think you're full of shit.
I think everything we're scared of is bullshit. I'm worried that you don't mean what you say. You're just scared. To feel this way about another person and to let another person feel this way about you.

I still like to think that most people have a lot of good in them, and I believe you have a lot of good in you. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. I kind of loved all of the things you hate about yourself.

You deserve a lot more than you will ever let yourself have, and it makes me sad. You have more to give than you give yourself credit for. And you need to stop keeping around all of these girls who annoy the shit out of you who like you more than you like them. It's risk free validation, It's shitty, and honestly there are better ways of getting your dick wet.

Maybe one day you'll realize I'm right.
Maybe one day I'll stop driving to the coast in the middle of the night.
Who fucking knows?