I love the wrong turn movies. 1. Because they're awful horror movie cliches. 2. Because hillbillies and rednecks are terrifying and definitely real.
I like to think of a wrong turn movie that lands the cast into a weird half cartoon world nexus. Obviously its in Albuquerque.
We get to have the same old morality lessons as any other horror film. Kill this one for greed. Cut off the dick of the patriarchy with extra animated gore. Maybe we put a few of the Hollywood guys in make them watch a gross frog clown masturbate until they "saw" themselves out of a torture chamber into a death trap.
One of the cast starts to see some of the cartoon stuff before anyone else. They start pulling items from behind their back with "infinite pocket technique", maybe a one lump or two gag, black hole technique. They probably die or get sucked into Toon World before it's over. Can't have them running around Base Earth with all their new powers and knowledge.
Space Jam for horror movies.
That guy I saw with the wimpy/hamburglar shirt. That's my hero.