Ice Queen of Fred Meyer


Wow, that's a lot of damn detail to justify why you can't just speak up and say "excuse me"
I'm in the excuse me club. No, make that SMILE and say excuse me. "Mind if I squeeze by?" with a smile goes a long way. I grew up in new York city, and I GUARANTEE you have been that freakin guy who fails to read the mind of every single person around you and calculate the exact direction they intend to take. What amount of your precious snowflake life did this little caper cost you? 30 seconds? I'm sure you spent significantly more time typing up this useless whiny rant.
I don't even say excuse me! If a fellow patron is blocking me, I say "Hi there! I need to look at those dill pickles, right there beyond your arm. Thanks!" They almost always step back and let me. If not, I begin to hum "While we were waiting . . ." But not really sing it out loud because that would be too weird.