This is a premiere statement from an entitled, American, human citizen. The words "excuse me" do not exist in their vocabulary. The idea of being liable for their own actions are not a concern. They have just enough right to move and do their part yet must blame someone else, in this case me. They are too lazy to know what "a walk around the park" means because they've never done it.

So what's the dealio? I'm headed out the grocery store with slow poke, old lady and her shopping cart on the right. I'm zooming past her on the left and you are headed my way. Once I passed slow poke, old lady, I move to get out your way, but it wasn't enough because you kept coming. There was no touching, bumping, or grazing of our shoulders. Our body parts were all in the clear. Then I hear you profess in your masculine Type A voice, "Excuse you." There I was thinking everything was cool. I guess not. I would imagine this situation similar to a car wanting to get in passing lane because of a slow car in front, but when they do, the driving is too slow for the speed racer coming up behind that causes them to go ballistic.

The fact that this incident is in your mind, and makes you say "excuse you," tells me that you must go through this a lot because this plot never crossed my mind.
And why not, just why not, blame the slow poke, old lady? Why don't you yell at her? She was just as much in the way as anyone of us.
Oh, but she is a slow poke, old lady.
There you have it.
Thanks for making things easy and basic social graces impossible.