This drama we create. What we do doesn't matter. Same thing, different decade. Real protests happened long ago. Check out every new Apt. building and tell me homelessness matters. The most passionate is the one who does the least, and complains the most. How about the "famous" and "powerful" voice that you never see knocking on a door, or walking in the middle of a march of thousands? "voices" behind closed doors and on social media? The same people that say they care so much for the environment are the very ones destroying it. All the people that continue to need and want more when they already have enough. Ask the general public how "green" they are, they will affirm it with their hippie heart, or fake it with their innovative brain. The truth lies with a mountain of passionless certitude for anything unmistakably genuine.
The real picture is simple and close to home. People want money because of debt. We're all either complacent, indifferent, or self preserving.
Love is a downfall. We fall in it, then fall out of it, only to reach ruins.
Living here is a show. You're on TV, you know it's for show. This new city is a theater of actors that bought into what they saw on TV.
This city is about being seen. It's a social spectacle with a basis for "the look," waiting in lines, and walking up and down some "cool" street going to pointless shops that sell meaningless objects to adorn our homes with something unique. Then checking out restaurants with $13 cocktails, or going to "bars" where everybody is, not because of the quality of food, drink, service, or ambience.
We're supposed to look to future generations.
It's absurd.