To the annoying jerk in my neighborhood, who on social media decided to make a stink about finding peanut shells in her yard: yes, we ALL heard you loud and clear. I’m sorry the little boy who came to visit you, couldn’t play outside your yard because of a peanut allergy. It’s commendable that you are wanting to keep that child safe and how you pride yourself on not having wayward legumes and nutshells on your property...because nowadays walking past a school with a PB&J to many parents is nearly an act of domestic terrorism, and golly gee you’re hellbent on finding the person feeding the squirrels who then brought the offending nut into your yard. “Could have killed the child” you bitched in your post. It’s hilarious you’d be so selective about “life threatening” day to day things like peanuts, when you sure as fuck don’t care about other people’s allergies with your huge annual flower garden which attracts bees and your constant smoky barbecues you have all summer. Never mind the people around you who have bee sting allergies or asthma, those peanuts must be stopped. How selective of you. I know who the culprit is, and I anonymously dropped off a huge bag of feed containing the said nuts. Why? The lives of others don’t seem to matter to you outside of your bubble so why the fuck should I care about your concerns?