I luv going to the grocery store. Whole Foods and New Seasons. If I don't go somewhere, it's usually for budget or convenience of location. I'll drop into a Whole Foods to buy something to get some cash back. The one in downtown is pretty cool. I like the hot bar. Walmart, Target, and Rite Aid where it's a department and grocery store. I don't go to Walmart. I luv Target clothes. I luv to get candy from Rite Aid. I mostly shop at Fred Meyer or Safeway. I luv seeing my favorite employees. My favorite employee got fired because he accidently refunded a customer a lot of money. I've never really been to Albertsons. I don't know that I've really know where one is. I used to like Winco. Lately, I 've gone to the Alberta Coop which has a charming feel to it.
I got really drunk at the Fred Meyer. That place has a rotating sushi bar, and a bar! I got so plastered watching the game. They kept serving me too. I can spend hours at the grocery store. If I get food and coffee, then sit and lounge around in the "restaurant" part of the store, I never leave for hours. I read a magazine, get out my computer, or people watch. At Safeway, I get chicken and spring rolls from the deli. When they put it all in one bag (different prices for each), I go to self checkout and end up not paying for one item. I really want to meet someone in a grocery store. I know I'm a loser and I spend too much time in a grocery store looking for someone I'll never find. But I do have the time because I don't want to be alone.