I work 2 P.T. jobs. Every now and again, I seek out side jobs, either on craigslist, or through a staffing agency. Craigslist, we all now, is oversaturated and full of flakes. For staffing agency's, which I'm not so familiar with, the recruiters are kind of lame at their job. You can tell them what kind of work you are looking for, then they call you for something exactly the opposite of everything you told them. They don't respond to emails. They make excuses to ask someone else in the company. You're a recruiter and you suck at your job. Anyways.

With staffing agencies and the recruits they send, I can immediately tell the ones I will work well together with and want to talk to. I also don't know why so many of these recruits feel the need to tell someone (me) what to do. The truth is I'm far superior in mental capacity, physical ability, intuition, and instinct. This isn't arrogance, it's confidence and the truth. Anyways.

The Country Club Woman. I get to the job site early. The main crew is a few minutes late. She goes, "I'm getting perturbed." I have an "appointment." She says, "at least you're getting paid 4 minutes." If she was joking or being sarcastic, it doesn't come off that way. I find it being something she is actually really bothered by. The stereotype fits the cliché in meeting my first country club person, snobby and uptight. Anyways.
I don't know how she could find her lifestyle fulfilling walking around with that mentality and attitude.