Today I was called "bitch ass," "ugly," "faggot" by a proud 19 year old. It happened in the library.
I said, "I don't want to hear that," in reference to his phone and music. He went, "I'm turning it off, bitch ass." I stared at him, he said, "why don't you take a picture, it last longer, ugly." I said, "wow, what class from the young ones." He said, "don't think I'm so young, I'm 19, bitch." I started laughing. I think I said, "don't talk to me like that," at some point. He said, "go sit somewhere else." I said the same back. He said, "I'm keeping it real like Rosa Parks," something like that. We were in the back area. I stared a bit longer at him in disbelief and by that point in anger. He took his phone out, and I said, "take a picture of me, then." He said, "of you're ugly ass." That's when he got a call and left saying, "have a good day, faggot."
I can confront a situation, I know. I'll go head to toe. I'm a good amount older, and man, did I feel so young. I wanted to have a head on brawl at one point. What would it prove? A kid like that gets nothing. In fact, my lesson learned is keep my mouth shut. At the same time, why should I be subjected to this ignorance? It is America after all where anyone can claim free speech and rights, and such. So I have no excuse or defense. It crossed my mind too about what if he had a knife, things like that. Later I thought to say, "so who'd you vote for? BTW, how's your job going?