A large sub-population of the bags I search belong to white people whose clothing and bags suggest material success, or at least security. Such bag-toting people, wearing either Nordstrom or REI luxury goods, are many times more likely, in my experience, to (1), make hack-ass jokes about the whole flashlit dealio by saying something like "Yeah, lotsa bombs in there!" or to (2) attack the premise by asking either "What do you think I have in here?" or "You want to see inside my bag??"
When y'all say this I hear "Don't you understand that people who look like me don't make trouble?"
But what in the fuck else do y'all think you are saying? Should I just search the bags of people who "look like trouble" to the tangled, aggravated mess of associations inside my particular, stupid human brain? Are you suggesting I only check people with worn out gear? Or just people with dark skin? Or would it be OK with you if we just searched all the god damn fuckin' bags that come through the door, even if it interrupts the sensation of sweeping into the function that you were enjoying? Greet your fate and chill the fuck out next time.