I'm 28 years old and while I've never been attracted to my real mother I often fantasize about mother/son incest with older women. I fantasize about things like getting to call an older woman mommy, having her call me a good boy and getting breastfed.
In addition to this though I seem to be almost exclusively attracted to older women. I'm sure that sexual attraction for many starts with crushes on older people (teachers, other authority figures, celebrities, etc.) after which they also find themselves attracted to people their own age as well. For me though this attraction to older women seems to have just intensified over time and now I really don't find women my age sexually arousing. For example might see an attractive girl my age and be able to appreciate the fact that she's beautiful but I won't fantasize about her sexually. Whereas most of the middle-aged (and older) women that I see daily turn me on at least a little and I fantasize about many of them. I'm very attracted to certain signs of aging on women like wrinkles, crows feet, baggy eyes and sagging breasts. I also find that a bit of extra weight really fits certain women and many older women look great when they're a bit chubby. Does this sound abnormal?