Most of us already know what has been happening to Portland the last couple of years. Transplant city, growth, Nike bikes, sky rocket rents, Uber, Lyft, etc. etc. etc. I saw an Ebay awning sign on a downtown building I'd never noticed before. I just saw a new Amazon locker thing I'd never seen before. The old Oregonian building is supposedly a tech company on one of its levels, though I barely ever see anyone in the building. It has a huge, spacious lobby area that looks more empty and a waste of space to me. There's a coffee shop right there that's always empty. All this is ever so more apparent to this day.
I've also wondered what has happened to the Portland art and music scene. For the local music scene, I don't even bother. With the art scene I came across this, and it explains everything to me that is happening in this city.