But not you bruh. FUUUUUUCK YOU!!

But yeah, sorry to all the folks at Joe's Cellar last night who heard me shame a hipster construction dumbfuck who, while I was talking to my friends about how awkward it is sometimes in Portland bars because when strangers interject themselves into my conversations it is often to disagree with my or my friend or the premise we're discussing, interjected himself into our conversation solely to disagree with me.

He preceded to tell me I'm wrong (while proving I am not). That I'm a dumb new transplant (I've lived here a decade). That I am "23" and too young to know anything (I'm almost 40 and read a LOT of history books about Portland). That I don't even know who Bud Clark is (I do, and I know who Josiah, J.A., Terry and Vera are too). And, and that I "need" to chill (no, I don't 'need' to be 'chill' when someone rudely insults me for lulz).

So, I repeat: Fuck off bruh, no one fucking cares what you have to say.