It was me.
If you're wondering how all that glitter got in your pockets, I did it.
Yeah. That's right. The same guy who put pinecones in your refrigerator.
We were supposed to meet to discuss strategies for training, recruitment, and regional take over, but you were asleep. So I did what anyone would do.
I gathered up a bunch of pinecones, but only the nice ones. Then I went in your house. The dog was in the front room, so i went back out and threw a frisbee from the front yard to the back. The dog ran through the open patio door and I closed it behind her. I found a nice plate, put the pinecones in the fridge, and left.
Yeah. The old Pile 'o Pinecones on a Pretty Plate Prank.
You down with P-P-P!? -P? -P!?
You don't know me.
Whatever. Whatever. You don't know me.