Exactly no housing issues will be solved in this town until the network of people connected to the city council, county commission, City Club, Metro and members of other affiliated donor-class social networks have all enriched themselves via the current status quo. Only after the Right Sorts Of People have extracted all value from the city's relatively newfound fame among the NYT Op-Ed reading crowd will "progressive" change be allowed to begin.

Housing/homelessness has been an issue here for a decade at least, plenty of time for the masturbatory kaffeeklatch we call the City Council to create progressive policies — or any sort of policies — that acknowledge such a basic nuts-and-bolts part of city governance. But they didn't. They didn't, because the Right Sort of People were making a great deal of money from the situation, money which they dutifully passed along to their elected officials, who then got to keep their silly little jobs.

Therefore there is nothing that needs to change. The Right Sort of People are being enriched, and they keep their pet elected officials elected. No politician at any level considers anything but what will or will not keep them elected, and they make that analysis before taking any action — signing a bill, ordering a sandwich, wiping their ass, it's all about whatever keeps them in their seat. As they continue being elected by the credulous dolts of Multnomah County, they won't change a thing. They will make appropriate sounds with their mouth-holes and appropriate concerned-faces with their skull-meat, but no policy changes will be forthcoming, or if forced to produce something, the changes will be minimal or subject to redaction a few weeks later.

Congratulations Portland. Please keep doing the same thing over and over.